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Smart Curtain Lights String with 400 RGB LEDs DIY Your Effects

Smart Curtain Lights String with 400 RGB LEDs DIY Your Effects

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Experience nearly limitless customization with the Avatar Controls Curtain Lights, featuring more than 100-holiday patterns and programmable music synchronization via the accompanying remote and app. Boasting 400 LEDs across 6.2ft of RGB string lights, it's perfect for festive St Patrick's or Easter decor.

  • Create the ultimate lighting decorations with smart, addressable LED lights AvatarControls Curtain and explore virtually unlimited ways to transform your space with light and color
  • Enjoy setup in a matter of seconds via Bluetooth and IR, manage your lights with the free Hello Fairy app (iOS and Android), set automated playlists, switch your lights on and off, apply timers, dim them and adjust their brightness, and much more
  • Unleash your creativity with endless preset effects and animations, create your own personalized ones using the DIY panel on the Hello Fairy App. Use your imagination and any shade, gradient, hue or tint of 16 million colors and white light to create the ultimate decorative lighting
  • Use your weatherproof lights all year round both indoors and outdoors. Create the perfect lighting for parties with friends, gaming rooms, BBQs, birthdays and any type of celebration
  • Watch your lights dance to music in your space and applies synchronized colors and effects to your lights

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plug and play, easy to use and response phone app and remote

Out of the box it will take a few minutes to unwarp the cables, easiest is to find the spine where all the strings are attached to and start hanging it up. There are plenty of clips with hooks for hanging the light up easily, it is important to have all the strings straighten out and evenly spaced to get a clear picture. Best viewing distance is 5 meters and more with curtain behind it to help defuse the colour lights. The leds are all low voltage and does not runs hot, much safer that way with curtain near by.

There are tons of moving graphic to choose from, I like the fireworks and floating heart the most. With the phone app you can create your own graphic or words, if the words are showing up as flipped image then just press the mirror button on the remote to flip it the right way. This can also be done via the phone app, no need to take off the lights and re hang etc. This function allows the image to be display the right way around for viewing it from the outside of the house etc.

The leds are nice and bright and enough to be seen in normal day light, the adaptor runs cool and does not draw a lot of electricity. There are options to set lights to turn on and off at specific times, we set it to run from 6pm to 11pm monday to friday and weekend 4pm to midnight.