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About Us

Avatar Controls was founded in Sep. 2015 in the United States, an innovative technology enterprise focusing on research and development of intelligent voice control and interactive technology, creative product design and production sales.

We have the core technology in voice wakeup, far field speech recognition, speech noise reduction and echo cancellation and can provide professional voice control modules and solutions for industry partners. We focus on the user experience and make our products strive to create value for our customers.

Our main products include products work with Alexa,voice control desk lamp,switch, ,lighting bulb, light strip, socket,creative electronics and smart home products.

Company vision: Intelligence make life more simple

Total Control in One App

From smart lights, dimmer switches to any products that may follow, allows to interact with your home easily and naturally, just as simple as tapping a switch.

Hands Free Voice Control

Enjoy the Hands-Free convenience of controlling your home with Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri

Whole-Home Automation

Works with other AvatarControls devices seamlessly