Smart Living, Simple and Joyful

AvatarControls, Smart life, Smart living
1. Remote control: control home appliances from anywhere
2. Simultaneously control: control multiple devices with one App
3. Timer: set timer to perform multiple functions
4. Device sharing: One tap to share devices among family members
5. Easy connection: easily and quickly connect App to devices


Hello Fairy

Control all hello fairy string light.

1. Let you create the perfect home or outdoor vibe by playing light effects and animations.

2. Support for "Curtain Lights, Christmas Tree Lights, Topper Star Waterfall Lights, Cone Christmas Tree Lights, S14, G40, Lined" solar cooling and heating color temperature series


eXempt Cares

Control all Personal Care Visual devices.

1. Smart Visual Personal Care, Unprecedented Healthy Experience

2. Support for C3 pro Visual Water Flosser, Find B Visual Ear Wax Removal