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Car LED Display Screen Pixel Art Digital Frame Interactive Bluetooth APP Controlled Sign with Mounting Bracket

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❤️Bluetooth control: Bluetooth control, applicable to iOS and Android systems. You can download the application by scanning the QR code. The LED display can be easily controlled by connecting a mobile phone via Bluetooth.
❤️Installation position adjustment: It is convenient to adjust, and the LED display can be easily adjusted to obtain better visibility. The position of the control button is very convenient, and the silicone suction cup makes the installation easier. The angle of the suction cup can be adjusted up, down, left and right.
❤️DIY drawing: DIY drawing, if the existing image can not meet your needs, you only need to create an animated GIF or image for unique display. Contains various fonts and background colors. You can give full play to your creativity anytime and anywhere, and design a variety of unique and personalized images to increase driving pleasure and make your car more eye-catching.
❤️More preset charts: built-in pictures, you can freely choose the basic style. More pre-configured charts, such as smiley face, heart, little girl, pig, national flag, rain, prohibition signs and various expressions. Contains more preset symbols, phone, heart, finger, star, triangle, diamond and square. You can use it for entertainment, safety warnings, advertising, etc.