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AvatarControls Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini 13A (UK Version)

AvatarControls Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini 13A (UK Version)

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This UK version of AvatarControls' Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini 13A offers a secure, fast connection to your home Wi-Fi network and enables remote control of your electronics with its Matter Protocol. This protocol ensures reliable and secure communication in smart homes for data-driven events like triggering lights or controlling temperature. Enjoy the convenience of easily overseeing your home's energy consumption.

  • Super easy setup: Scan the code, and all is done. The standard and simple protocol makes it easier to implement and use Matter devices.
  • Strong players support: The Matter protocol is led by major eco-platforms such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, and more than 500 global companies joining in with rich applications and products.
  • Powerful interoperability: This Matter plug can connect to all applications, control all devices, and even connect to all cloud services. (Specialized in matter protocol)
  • Strong security: Matter gives the device strong security with proven and standard cryptographic algorithms, and every message is protected. And it is completely local architecture. Never worry about security again.
  • Multi-admin feature: It provides for simultaneous operation in multiple smart home systems. How you want to combine and operate your device is up to you.
  • System requirement: Existing 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Smartphone running iOS 16.1 or later or Android 8.1 or later.
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Product Specification

Rated Power: 220V~, 50/60Hz, 13A maximum load 2860W
Energy Monitor: No
Button: 1 x On/Off Button. Press and hold for 5 seconds to initiate the factory reset process
LED:1 x Status LED
Dimensions (W x D x H):57x 57x 62 mm (excluding plug pins) 
Wireless Standards: Support 64/128 bit WEP, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK/WPA3-PSK
*Does not support Enterprise Wi-Fi  
System Requirements: Smartphone running iOS 16.1 or later or Android 8.1 or later,supporting Bluetooth 4.2 or later.
Existing 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network

Flexible switching between different platforms

Matter ensures smart devices can work across different ecosystems. You can start the setup process from your favorite smart home platform, scan the QR code or manually input the setup code. Whatever devices, apps, or platforms you want to use, whether you are an expert or just getting started, once your device’s set up, it’s easy to connect it to other app platforms.

Completely Local Architecture

Matter devices can communicate with each other locally in the home network, without the involvement of a cloud. Nothing is going to the internet or “the cloud‘’. Never worry about security again. Plus, who doesn’t want connectivity to be faster and more reliable?

Setting Up Devices with Matter

  • What networks are supported by Matter?

    Matter supports Wi-Fi and Thread for data transfer, and Bluetooth LE for commissioning.

  • Which devices does Matter support?

    Right now, Matter will support lighting & Electrical products (plugs, lightbulbs, switches, etc.), door locks, thermostats and HVAC controllers, blinds and shades, home security sensors (such as door and window sensors, motion sensors), controllers and bridges, TVs and media devices. Future iterations of Matter are expected to add support for security cameras, white goods(Appliances), energy management, closure sensors, wireless access points, environmental sensing&controls, smart speakers, robotic vacuums, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, ambient motion and presence sensing.

  • Can I control my entire home with just one app?

    You could say yes, or not exactly. Since Matter has Multi-admin function, Matter devices can be controlled by all Controller apps, which means users can control all smart devices with just one app. However, this app may not enable all the features of the device. Some advanced features may not be available to Matter, such as power consumption on the socket, and complex effects scenes on the light strip. Therefore, users sometimes still need to download the device app, such as the AvatarControls app to set advanced features.

  • What's the difference between HomeKit and Matter products?

    Matter is a new smart home protocol launched by Amazon, Apple, Google, and a host of manufacturers to eliminate incompatibilities between smart homes. Matter incorporates many of the benefits of HomeKit, such as a superb security protocol and a completely local architecture - no network connection is required at all. If you are an iOS user, you can use matter in almost the same way as HomeKit, simply by using the home app to do all the pairing and control. Since Matter is an open protocol, there will be a wider variety of products available on the market.

  • Can my Avatar product be upgraded to support Matter?

    Sorry, as Matter is a new protocol with different hardware and software requirements, most of the smart home products in the market cannot be upgraded to support Matter. The regular Wi-Fi and HomeKit products we have already released will not be able to support Matter by upgrading. We will release and develop new Matter-enabled products to meet the needs of our users.

  • What is the Matter Multi-admin feature?

    Multi-admin is one of the core features of Matter, as it provides for simultaneous operation in multiple smart home systems. Accordingly, family or household members could operate the device with the digital assistant or smartphone app of their choice. The last command given applies in each case. As an example. If a user has an Amazon Echo, a HomePod mini, and also wants to buy a Google Nest Thermostat. As long as the device supports Matter, he can add the device to both the Alexa and HomeKit ecosystems and even Google Home. Using any of them to control the device, the status will be synchronized to all ecosystems.

  • How Matter ensures the safety of the device?

    Security is a core principle of Matter, including the authentication of devices joining the network, encryption of messages to the destination, use of proven and standard cryptographic algorithms, and over-the-air (OTA) updates. Matter security does not rely on the security of communication technologies it runs on top of. Wi-Fi or Thread secure technology is an added level of protection.