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Find B - Smart Visual Ear Wax Removal with Camera

Find B - Smart Visual Ear Wax Removal with Camera

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Ear Wax Removal kit Camera, Ear Cleaner 1920P FHD Portable Ear Otoscope with 6 LED Lights, Avatar Controls Ear Cleaning Kit with Soft Silicone Ear Spoon for iPhone, iPad & Android Smart Phones

  • 【1920P High Definition Camera】 Avatar Controls ear wax removal kit equiped with 5 megapixels and 6 led lights, helps you to clean ear wax efficiently and accurately.
  • 【3.5 mm Ultra-thin Lens】 Features a 3.5mm diameter ultra-thin lens to fit different sized ears.Can be used by children, adults and pets. Also you can use this ear cleaning kit to check your nose, teeth, scalp roots and anywhere. (Please note that children using otoscopes must be used under adult supervision)
  • 【Easy Installation】 Avatar Controls ear otoscope can work well with all of iOS & Android devices. ① Scan and download the "Exempt Cares" App; ② Press and hold until the light is on; ③ Open the APP and connect to WIFI "eXempt-FB-XXX"; ④. Return to the APP and enjoy the HD view.Also you can save pictures and videos.
  • 【Portable & Wide Compatible】 This wireless visual ear wax removal has a wide range of uses, like to check your mouth, skin and so on, also it is equipped with four ear caps, which you can switch to use at will. And it comes with IP67 waterproof grade that is easy to clean with water or wipe with alcohol. (Please note cameras and lens only are waterproof)
  • 【360°Wide Angle & 4 Silicone Ear Spoons】 360° precise focus creates a clear large coverage view, and with smooth Silicone material Ear Spoon, it will not only be clearly visible in all directions, but also protect your ear canal from being scratched.
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Innovation Endoscope Technology

AvatarControls from troubles by loving and taking good care of yourself and your family

Stop Poking Your Ears Blindy

This worsens the problem by pushing wax further in.

Cleaning You Can See

Built-in with a 5 megapixels camera, FIND B can easily remove ear wax by checking the ear canal and seeing your ear wax on the phone.

WIFI Connection On eXempt Cares APP

One-click connections through WIFI on eXempt Cares APP no matter in IOS or Android system make it easy for the elder or children to use.

APP Download

Soft Spoon & Silicone Cover

Soft Spoon with extra silicone cover can better protect your ear canal without hurting your ears.

IP67 Waterproof

The ear wax cleaner with IP67 Waterproof means you can clean the spoon after using more conveniently.

What's In The Box

  • Visual Ear Wax Removal x 1
  • Silicone Ear Spoon x 4
  • USB-C Cable x 1
  • Quick Guide x 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Worth its cost and more

I never knew cleaning my ears could be so easy until I tried the Ear Wax Cleaner Tool. The wireless feature makes it convenient to use, and the 1920P camera resolution ensures every detail is visible. Whether I'm at home or on the go, this tool is a must-have for maintaining good ear hygiene.

A value powerhouse

This Ear Wax Cleaner Tool has made ear cleaning a breeze. The wireless connectivity is seamless, and the 1920P camera resolution produces clear and detailed images. The soft silicone ear spoon is gentle on the ears, and the overall design is user-friendly. A great investment for anyone concerned about their ear health.

Provides value that is unparalleled in the market

The wireless feature of this Wireless Ear Otoscope is incredibly convenient. It allows for easy maneuverability and hassle-free cleaning. The 1920P camera resolution ensures clear and detailed visuals, while the soft silicone ear spoon gently removes earwax. This product has made maintaining good ear hygiene effortless.

Outweighs the cost

I've tried various ear cleaning tools in the past, but this wireless ear otoscope has exceeded my expectations. The 6 LED lights provide excellent illumination, leaving no blind spots during cleaning. The camera captures sharp and clear images, helping me remove wax with precision. It's a reliable and user-friendly device.

Provides value that is hard to match

I couldn't be happier with the performance of this Wireless Ear Otoscope. The wireless feature allows for easy handling, and the 1920P camera resolution delivers sharp and detailed images. The soft silicone ear spoon is gentle and safe, ensuring a comfortable cleaning experience. Highly satisfied with this purchase!