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E26 Smart Light Bulb RGBCW 8W

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  • Exclusive Outstanding POT Smart Bulb -The POT module is OPTIONAL to Install. POT is called by its advanced Power-On Technology. With the creative POT module, your smart bulbs will be controlled by your app whether the switch is on or off. Allow you no longer complain your spouse switched your smart bulb off manually make you unable to control your wifi bulbs through the mobile APP.
  • Smarter & Incredibly Convenient - Freely control your wifi light bulbs through Avatar Controls or Smart Life APP regardless of whether the physical switch is on or off after installing our bulbs and modules, and when you want to use the push button or rocker to manually control the bulb, only need to press it once to reset and then you can turn it on or off normally.
  • Super Easy Installation - Cut off the power, simply follow instructional guidance to install your module in the switch connected to the light bulb, double check, turn your power on and connect the smart light as usual led smart light bulbs, done and enjoy. All will be done less than 10 minutes.
  • No More Complex Requirements - This color changing light bulb smart kit is specially designed for ordinary switches, no need to worry about the switch without a neutral wire or the switch being too old. Easy install, extraordinary enjoyment.
  • Amazing Dimmable RGBCW Colorful Bulb - Bright 6200k cool white for working and reading, comfortable 3000k warm white for sleeping, and RGB color changing for your favorite scenes, all the color was dimmable by app with smooth change.