How to connect to Alexa/Google Home?

Method 1: Operation in the App that needs to be bound 
  1. Download the Alexa/Googlge Home App and register/login to your Amazon/Google Home account.
  2. Open the AvatarControls App that needs to be bound, go to Home - Me - Third-party Voice Services - Alexa/Google Assistant.
  3. Click "Sign in With Amazon/Google Assistant" and the Alexa/Google Home App will be launched. Click "LINK" to complete the binding.

how to connect to alexa google home

Method 2: Operation in the Alexa App

  1. Download the AvatarControls App and register/login to your account.
  2. Open the Alexa App and click "More" in the lower right corner.
  3. Click "Skills & Games" and then click the search button in the upper right corner. Enter the name of the skill "AvatarControls" to bind
  4. Click the AvatarControls skill to enter the skill details page (ENABLE TO USE), click "Agree and link", and return to the Alexa App.
  5. Click "CLOSE" and then click "DISCOVER DEVICES" to complete the binding.

Common commands

  • Control the device via voice commands, now you can control your smart device with Echo/Google Home. You can control your device (such as your bedroom light) with the following commands:
  • Alexa/Hey Google, turn on/off bedroom light. (Turn on/off the light)
  • Alexa/Hey Google, set bedroom light to 50 percent. (Set the light to any brightness)
  • Alexa/Hey Google, brighten/dim bedroom light. (Increase/weaken the brightness of the light)
  • Alexa/Hey Google, set bedroom light to green. (Adjust the color of the light)
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