How to configure Tap-to-Run and Automation?

There are three types of Tap-to-Run in the App. You can quickly start smart devices in your home by setting up Tap-to-Run, eliminating the setting step one by one.
Operating device: Add the smart device you want to execute the Tap-to-Run.
For example: you can enable all devices in your home without going to enable the device one by one.
Select smart: Add the automation you want to perform with Tap-to-Run(The existing automation is required in advance).
For example: you can use Tap-to-Run to open your setting automation without triggering any conditions of automation.
Delay: add a delayed task.
For example: you can add a delay task in Tap-to-Run between two devices actions.
There are four main types of automation are supported in the App. You can set up automation to fully use the home devices and start your smart life.
When the weather changes: The linkage between external environment conditions and the smart devices, the following external environment conditions can be selected.
For example, you can set ‘when the temperature is higher than 29℃, turn on the air conditioner.’
When the location changes: The linkage between the geographic location and the device.
For example, you can set ‘turn on the air conditioner and water heater automatically when you are near the house, or turn off all home Appliances and turn on motion detection function of the camera when you leave the house.’
Schedule: The linkage between schedule function and the devices.
For example, you can set ‘open the curtain at 8am on working days.’
When the device status changes: The linkage between the device status change and the devices.
For example, you can set ’when the air conditioner is on, the aroma diffuser and air purifier will be automatically turned on, or when the door sensor is on, the alarm will be triggered.’
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