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Little Tips for making your life more smart and convenient
Use wifi plug to control power

[Image: %25E5%259C%2586%25E5%25BD%25A2%25E6%258F...A%25A7.jpg]

With wifi smart plug, you gain the ability to control home appliance directly from your smartphone or tablet. When you lay on the bed or sofa, switch it in one button remotely. When you on a business trip, you can make a schedule to turn on/off automatically in certain times, which save your energy, money and improve efficiency.
If you think it was too troublesome to turn on/off power via APP, you can choose a voice controlled smart plug that support Echo, google home and so on. For example, plug a light in the Avatar wifi smart plug, and just say “Echo, turn on/off the light.” One sentence solves everything.

Create romantic atmosphere via Bluetooth speaker
Whether the elderly or young people, listen to music in leisure time has become a common habit and hobby. A portable Bluetooth speaker is popular for young people, especially for people who live alone. You can enjoy music anytime anywhere.
Is it pity that only has high quality sound without cool light? There are many Bluetooth speakers with smart light in the market, such as Avatar portable hourglass light speaker, flickering simulation design, 16 million color variations with bass quality, place it in the kitchen when cooking, put in the bathroom when showering, and bring to the party, absolutely worth it.

Purchase some voice controlled product
Voice assistant is really helpful. Voice controlled platform like Amazon Alexa, Google home and others occupy the sky of smart home speaker, the derived products rang from plug, light to complete home automation systems. Smart voice products let you free your hand to manage the devices in the home.

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