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Apple stress that the primary function of HomePod is not smart home
Apple CEO Tim Cook recently discussed the price of HomePod in an interview with Bloomberg, as well as the positioning of products, such as Google Home and Amazon Echo in the smart home market.


Cook stressed that the primary feature of HomePod is music, not smart home once again. “We've actually gone deep into smart home through the iPhone, and you can take the iPhone everywhere, but in the home environment, music has not gotten enough attention," he said.
The price of HomePod is higher than Amazon Echo and Google Home, which reaches $ 349. Cook thinks it is reasonable, because this practice has proved in the early iPod era. "When iPod lunching, many people think that why would someone spend $ 399 to purchasing MP3 players?"
In the Global Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple shows that the sound of HomePod is very powerful. However, it is not clear that how to use Homepod as a smart speaker, and how to use it with iPhone and iPad in the home.

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