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Why did many people smart experience from smart plug?
Smart home product has entered into ordinary family for many years. When Zuckerberg shows his artificial intelligence in the video, many people also want to purchase a set of smart home product. However, you will find smart plug is the most useful smart home product when you want to experience it.

[Image: e5beaee4bfa1e59bbee78987_20170815094014.jpg?w=739]

In fact, the reason is simple and it has two. One is the location of smart plug control device and the operated place inconsistent. When you want to turn on/off the home appliance, may be you are not next to it. The other one is the replacement cost is relatively low, and it does not need other equipment to equip with. Here, let us see how a smart plug helps you open intelligent life.
Why we call smart plug “smart”, its function is definitely the biggest selling point. However, apart from normal plug, now mobile APP is a must-have function, works with Alexa is the biggest feature. Normally, during real purchasing, we should also pay attention to the socket’s own function and security. After all, the operation is human-computer interaction; the basic mission is power supply.
Taking an example of AvatarControls wifi-enabled smart plug, with USB charging for power monitor, and works with Alexa, Echo, Dot, you can connect products such as lamps, fans, or humidifiers and remote control them from anywhere anytime.

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