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A good smart plug make your phone battery life doubly
In the past 30 years, smart phone plays an important role in our daily life, and we can’t separate with cell phone. With more and more phone application appeared, the phone battery power consumption is also growing. 

[Image: 3298904774_1_4_VvhszRz2.jpg]

With the frequent charging, we may find the phone's standby time is shorter and shorter, and the performance is getting worse. Originally your phone can be used a day, suddenly there is no electricity within a few hours. These are caused by unhealthy cell phone charging habits.
There is a lot of smart plug with USB port on the market, which convenient for user to charging phone. However, it is not enough only solve this problem. Many people like to charge overnight to ensure the adequate power. If not unplug the power timely, it will accelerate the battery wear after charging complete, especially non-original charging equipment, continuous charge will damage the battery seriously.
In addition to providing safe charge power, a good smart plug generally has time function, remote control and other function, which can extent your phone battery life greatly.

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