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Smart plug is still the mainstream of smart home products
Smart home industry is very hot with the internet of things continued to promote, and the market is a vast world. A large number of powerful enterprises enter the smart home industry. However, the most popular smart home product is smart plug, these kind of product has been gradually accepted by the market. Smart plug, it is can also say to save electricity socket. The selling point of wifi smart plug is remote control and energy saving, to free your hands.
[Image: alexa-pluge4b8bbe59bbe8.png?w=739]
Energy Saving 
Energy saving and environmental protection industry are always important, which shows that government will increase investment in energy saving and environment industry, so low standby power consumption products attract the consumer's attention. According to international authoritative statistics, standby energy consumption account for 3% -13% of civilian electricity consumption. In order to limit the electronic product shutdown and standby power consumption, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection, The European Union has introduced the EuP Energy Consumption Directive for the electronic product on January 6, 2009, from that day on, the ecological design requirements of should meet the instructions in the relevant description.
Smart plug design 
Smart plug, always have built-in WIFi module, operate it via smart phone. The most basic is control smart plug current, timing function remotely. Smart plug now is not the main security features, which will cooperate with home appliances to achieve multi-functions, such as timing switch, remote control and so on.
According to the description, smart plug includes AC-DC power supply, wireless communication unit, relay and MCU control unit. Wireless communication unit can choose the appropriate means of communication according to the occasions, including RF technology, infrared technology, WIFI technology, Bluetooth technology and ZigBee technology. As ZigBee technology has a long distance, strong wall penetration, low power consumption characteristics, more suitable for smart home applications. AC-DC power supply needs to meet the power required when the smart switch work, but also to meet the standby work of low power issues.

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