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How much can you save if using smart plug a year?
Now many people will consider purchasing a smart plug, one of the biggest reasons is enhancing the convenience of home life. In fact, most consumers ignore an important function of wifi smart plug, energy saving.

[Image: wifi-pluge68ea7e588b6e794b5e599a8e59bbe.jpg?w=680]

During in summer, those high-power home appliances take up big part of your electronic bill. However, smart plug can rule them, the most convenient way to all traditional home appliances intelligent. Through the mobile phone APP, view working state of household appliances in real time, and turns on/off remotely. Especially for air conditioner, electric water heater, TV and those easy to forget but power consumption are large home appliances. You can close it even away from home. 
Taking example of an air conditioner, normally the average power is 1000 watts. One air conditioner will waste a kilowatt per hour, and vertical chamber is usually twice that of it, it means running two kilowatt per hour. During winter, the power consumption of heating is more than 0.5-1 kilowatt per hour than summer. With the help of smart plug, you can avoid unnecessary waste and save much energy.

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