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Using wifi smart plug to various your smart home life
All kinds of smart home products continue to catch the user's eyes, intelligent voice socket is one of the representatives. Normal wifi smart plug functions are all much of muchness, taking example of Avatar mini wifi smart plug, it’s basically contains: mobile phone remote control, regular automation, intelligent control, voice control.
However, lots of smart home products around us, sometimes we do not know how to use. The correct meaning is how to use it more reasonable.

[Image: alexa-pluge4b8bbe59bbe5.png?w=739]

For example, the smart curtains have been opened, sunshine into the room, and the coffee machine has cooked a cup of fragrant coffee. If you just use smart plug to turn on/off power remotely, you will be boring after 2 or 3 times, because you have to open phone APP to control it, why not just close it directly? 
Smart plug + coffee machine, air conditioner, charging device
If you want a cup of coffee in the morning, set the time according to your habit, and put coffee bean in advance, plug into wifi smart socket then you can drink ready-made coffee after getting up.
The weather is really hot during summer. On the way to the home after getting off work, open air conditioner via phone APP, make cool walk ahead of you.
Are you always worried that damage battery if charging over time? Turn plug on/off on a schedule, then you can do what you want.
If you have Amazon Echo, with a voice controlled smart plug, you can turn on/off any appliances in your home with your voice, which get rid of your hand completely.

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