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From Phone APP to Alexa voice control, smart product more and more “understands” cust
“Mobile APP + Smart Home Product” become standard model of numbers of smart home and intelligent hardware, and in can help users solve life trouble in a certain extent. For example, wifi smart plug, the time function, people are not worried about the battery if whole night charging. They just the time, because wifi smart plug will do the left.  
Firstly, wifi smart plug makes consumers convenient a lot, and mobile phone APP control are more complex, and the smart home industry standards are different. Each smart product has their own exclusive APP if purchasing many intelligent devices. So the control is not so convenient, and you should find phone first if turning on the light, can you accept it? 

[Image: mini-smart-sockete68ea8e5b9bf.jpg?w=739]

In order to highlight the experience of users, many smart products can be based on voice control, and the mode is generally [wake-up + instruction]. Now many families purchased Amazon Alexa, you just wake up the device first, then command it, for example: Alexa, turn on the lights, then the light bulb can be opened.
From the experience, voice control can really enhance the consumer and smart product interaction experience, and based on Alexa enabled product is not alone. Alexa echo can help user to purchase smart home products and daily things via voice control, such as voice controlled bulb, plug and so on.
How to make consumers get a quality experience? "Understand" consumer demand is the trend, smart product should make a judgment and do an action before the consumers.

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