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Smart plug becomes intermediary between Amazon Alexa and appliances
Normal home appliances are good but not very convenient, how to enjoy the benefits of science and technology and do not have to pay a high cost? It needs home appliance smart transformation, which use more convenient, rather than directly out.

[Image: %25E6%2599%25BA%25E8%2583%25BD%25E6%258F...5A7_02.jpg]

Amazon Alexa + wifi smart plug. Simply, alexa smart plug is an intermediary, which controls appliances via smart plug. Compared with expensive smart home appliances, alexa enabled smart plug and Amazon Alexa are more cost effective. The big data also shows that the highest frequency of home appliances is the smart plug in smart home system, which far ahead of curtains, humidifiers and other smart home products. It also proved that consumers choice in smart home products.
Of course, smart home is not only control home appliances. However, for those who want to experience smart home, easy installation and remote control smart plug is preferred.

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