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Some Black Technology Products in CES Asia 2017
As a large-scale consumer electronics exhibition in Asia, 2017 CES Asia is held at the Shanghai New International Exp Center. CES Asia is the best place to showcase the development trend of the entire electronics industry and to foreshow the future development trends of home appliances. According to observation of 2017 CES Asia exhibition, we can find that smart home appliances, smart home, voice recognition, wearable equipment, robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, black technology products in virtual reality becomes the highlight for various companies in the exhibition.

Black technology 1: Smart voice speaker

[Image: 77094b36acaf2edddbe189a8871001e93901935b.jpg]

The biggest difference of DingDong smart speaker is the powerful voice interactive control. In order to let DingDong and the user barrier-free communication, Jingdong makes cooperation with IFLYTEK, the largest Chinese voice technology company, which not only provides voice control technology and paves the way for the future of smart home centralized control. We can feel that the expectation of DingDong speaker is to liberate user’s hands, the user can controls the products completely through the voice without touch the speaker or open the phone. Amazon, Google, Apple and Samsung and other technology giants have increased investment in smart voice products, and Europe and the United States market demand for smart voice products will be further expanded, so the smart speaker prospective is bright!

Black technology 2: Underwater Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

[Image: ac4bd11373f08202b7255c7e41fbfbedab641b38.jpg]

These products are equipped with numbers of core components, such as underwater propulsion system, underwater camera and lighting system, underwater remote control electronic communication devices and real-time water display system. At the same time, it also supplies navigation and positioning, sonar, depth sensors, other conventional sensors and zero buoyancy cable. The main purpose is camera and transmission high-definition images in real time underwater, and equipped with different professional camera which can achieve VR and VI virtual reality images and shooting. In the future, these series products can be the platform for underwater operations, equipped with different professional equipment such as robots, marine environmental monitoring system which can achieve different industrial applications, and even as a military use underwater platform.

Black technology 3: Robot Suitcase

[Image: 902397dda144ad3433254bc6daa20cf430ad85dd.jpg]

COWAROBOT suitcase takes hand ring tracking design, the suitcase walk automatically with hand ring positioned and can easily avoid the road barrier and climb, the practically is very good. The suitcase battery life reaches 20 km which can meet the needs from the drag to the bridge boarding during the trip. At present, the price of the product is $ 735, which may a little expensive as a suitcase. In fact, the practice is really good, and even configure the alarm system, once the trunk away from the bracelet (was towed) will be issued an alarm.

Black technology 4: VR eye control

[Image: f11f3a292df5e0fe0d404640566034a85edf7213.jpg]

This system uses a high-performance image rendering engine with immersion helmet display, and built-in high-precision eye tracking system, which can restore the real scene and environment in the VR scene, improve the research efficiency greatly and reduce the research cost. Qingyan eye control technology can also apply in smart home, and helps disabled people or elderly control the home via glasses. You can also use in the games, such as scenic fruit nija, you can cut the fruit through the glasses, the experience is very novel.

Black Technology 5: VR Shopping

[Image: cdbf6c81800a19d81b454a4439fa828ba61e4629.jpg]

Jingdong VR shopping is based on their own research and development of VR \ AR dual application JD Dream. The user can enter the virtual shopping scene, in the luxury museum and the furniture store for virtual purchase experience if wearing the VR equipment to support this application. You can operate shopping cart, payment and other actions through handle control or eye control. 

Black Technology 6: In-Motion Concept Car

[Image: 562c11dfa9ec8a13407f9fa1fd03918fa0ecc00e.jpg]

NEVS brings the In-Motion concept cabin, bases on auto drive, combines green and smart sharing to create a new future travel scene and it interprets NEVS's "Better Travel" brand concept fatherly. In the future, electric clean energy will greatly reduce emissions, while the car network model will connect travel experience, intelligent interior and digital world seamlessly, therefore enabling more efficient using commute time.

Smart home is everywhere. Voice assistant and the IoT platform control battle expect that smart home products will be more popular.
Artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision, although it not means really the product, the development of the function can enhance intelligence and practicality of networking equipment.
Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality will also introduce more products and services to further attract the attention of the mass market.
Robot technology will also attract more and more attention, including the practical products, such as the Coros Sweep Robot, as well as the deep exploration of AI robots.
More and more auto drive and electric car, and different sizes of unmanned aerial vehicles came out..
Medical and health technologies, represented by wearable devices, will also focus on more diagnostic and professional applications.
Under the background of “hundred live videos batter”, the live industry has “low threshold, low risk, high return, high reputation" and other popular features, and attracts more and more people to become the anchor. Wireless headphones, speakers, microphone and 360°panoramic camera will become new normal, but many high-end audio manufacturers will still show the traditional wired speakers, and is not cheap.
Accessories, software dongles and a variety of shells are endless, three anti-shell become a bright spot.

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