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Purchase wifi smart plug carefully - admin - 07-27-2017

Home appliances can also automatically turn off the power when there is a rain when you are not home? Now wifi smart plug is more and more popular. Smart plug embedded WiFi wireless card, can turn on/off remotely via mobile phone, you can also control the thing, so that people life is more convenient. However, the good and the bad are intermingled on the market, so please check the plug quality before purchasing.

[Image: %25E6%2599%25BA%25E8%2583%25BD%25E6%258F...5A7_05.jpg]

In addition to drinking fountains and lights, wifi smart plug is more useful in the control of low-power electrical appliances. So, when you want to control winter heating, air conditioning and other high-power appliances, you should check plug carefully.

What’s more, some smart plugs are not convenient. Not only need download socket APP, but also configure the socket according to the instructions, and the phone and socket software have a network if wanting remote control. For the elderly, these operations are really complex.  Once the WiFi signal is unstable, the smart plug can not use. Now many manufacturers pour into smart home market, some smart plug security issues still needs to be considered. So avatar recommends consumers purchase carefully and check related certificate.