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How to make your old appliance smart in one step? - admin - 07-25-2017

Decades ago, we never think that phone can be so smart. Nowadays, smart home becomes the hot point, just like the smart phone years ago.

[Image: %25E5%25BE%25AE%25E4%25BF%25A1%25E5%259B...151713.png]

There art a variety of smart home products on sale, smart doorbell, and smart security systems and so on. In these products, the more cost-effective is wifi smart home plug, because smart plug is the necessity for each family.
Avatar launched AWP01L-19 wifi plug in the traditional socket function to do a further improvement. Compared with normal price, Avatar smart plug makes no difference. For the people who want to upgrade home life experience, it’s a good choice. Only cost little money can they enjoy convenient smart home life. 
When you want to turn on/off power, if you have Echo, just say “Echo, turn off the light/air conditioner/…, or use your phone to remote control. It saves time and improves the safety of electricity.
In addition, smart home plug can also use with smart home system and home appliance, and you would not need to purchase extra smarter things for your home, bring a smart home experience simply. As smart home system has not universal yet, smart plug plays its role to a certain extent.
Whether its intelligence, safety, economic, practical or other characteristics, Avatar smart home plug is a good helper for home life.