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Photo Best Amazon Echo compatible smart plug you can buy
Posted by: admin - 08-17-2017, 07:31 AM - Forum: The best device works with Amazon Alexa - No Replies

Once you purchase an Amazon Alexa, you need buy the best brand of smart plug to go with it. A smart plug gives you the ability to control any home appliances from your smartphone or tablet, even achieve voice control via Alexa.

[Image: wifi-plug%25E8%25AF%25A6%25E6%2583%2585%...5B5_02.png]

AvatarControls mini smart plug can connect various home appliances, including Humidifier, desk lamp, fan, microwave, kettle, rice cooker, air conditioning, coffee machine and so on. You can control them from anywhere via smartphone or tablet with both Android and iOS system, such as turn on/off, set time…
It is very easy to install, just plug smart socket in, connect to your local Wifi and download a phone APP. The price is $35.99 on Amazon and works with your Amazon Alexa via voice control.
If you want to use Alexa, the process is also very simple. First, set your Echo speaker by Alexa APP and enable our skill in Alexa APP, then say to Alexa to discover your smart plug and control it.

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Photo Why did many people smart experience from smart plug?
Posted by: admin - 08-16-2017, 10:11 AM - Forum: Smart Plug - No Replies

Smart home product has entered into ordinary family for many years. When Zuckerberg shows his artificial intelligence in the video, many people also want to purchase a set of smart home product. However, you will find smart plug is the most useful smart home product when you want to experience it.

[Image: e5beaee4bfa1e59bbee78987_20170815094014.jpg?w=739]

In fact, the reason is simple and it has two. One is the location of smart plug control device and the operated place inconsistent. When you want to turn on/off the home appliance, may be you are not next to it. The other one is the replacement cost is relatively low, and it does not need other equipment to equip with. Here, let us see how a smart plug helps you open intelligent life.
Why we call smart plug “smart”, its function is definitely the biggest selling point. However, apart from normal plug, now mobile APP is a must-have function, works with Alexa is the biggest feature. Normally, during real purchasing, we should also pay attention to the socket’s own function and security. After all, the operation is human-computer interaction; the basic mission is power supply.
Taking an example of AvatarControls wifi-enabled smart plug, with USB charging for power monitor, and works with Alexa, Echo, Dot, you can connect products such as lamps, fans, or humidifiers and remote control them from anywhere anytime.

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  Two Alexa enabled devices enhance your home quality
Posted by: admin - 08-10-2017, 08:26 AM - Forum: The best device works with Amazon Alexa - No Replies

Amazon Echo and Dot are among the most popular voice smart home assistant, there are lots of Alexa enabled device came into the market. When buyer looking for a smart home product, they are increasingly hope it can work with Alexa, which can be integrated with their smart home hub.
Here, Avatar Controls list three Alexa enabled device to make your home are more convenient and safety, enhance the value of your home life.

[Image: DSC_3281.JPG]

Smart light works with Alexa 
Smart light means you can control your home light bulbs via Amazon Echo, which is a perfect way to enhance home quality. The first one is you can turn on/off light via voice to free your hands, and you can turn on/off light in specific rooms, such as change the color of light, dim the light and so on with a simple command to your Echo.
Smart light allows users to create a romantic atmosphere from anytime anywhere, so you can turn off the light without walking when lying on the bed. Although it was a very simple upgrade, it will look wonderful when showing your home.
Alexa smart plug
The Echo integrates with a wide variety of home hardware to keep your life more convenient. In fact, the basic function is turning on/off. If you just want control home appliance remotely, an Alexa smart plug is the first choice.
It allows you to control home appliance such home’s heating, cooling and other electronic product via their Alexa device. When you at home, you can turn on/off home appliance via controlling smart plug via Echo, if you not at home, you can also use your phone APP to control, which let your home to be environment friendly, so adding an Alexa smart plug to the home will definitely be a nice choice.
With a simple word, “Alexa, pls turn on …” the house owner can easily run your home appliance via Amazon Echo, and when you’re not at home, you can also use your smart phone to do that.
Without too much investment, you can upgrade to a smart home when installed these devices works with Alexa.

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Photo A good smart plug make your phone battery life doubly
Posted by: admin - 08-09-2017, 06:52 AM - Forum: Smart Plug - No Replies

In the past 30 years, smart phone plays an important role in our daily life, and we can’t separate with cell phone. With more and more phone application appeared, the phone battery power consumption is also growing. 

[Image: 3298904774_1_4_VvhszRz2.jpg]

With the frequent charging, we may find the phone's standby time is shorter and shorter, and the performance is getting worse. Originally your phone can be used a day, suddenly there is no electricity within a few hours. These are caused by unhealthy cell phone charging habits.
There is a lot of smart plug with USB port on the market, which convenient for user to charging phone. However, it is not enough only solve this problem. Many people like to charge overnight to ensure the adequate power. If not unplug the power timely, it will accelerate the battery wear after charging complete, especially non-original charging equipment, continuous charge will damage the battery seriously.
In addition to providing safe charge power, a good smart plug generally has time function, remote control and other function, which can extent your phone battery life greatly.

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Photo Smart plug is still the mainstream of smart home products
Posted by: admin - 08-08-2017, 07:57 AM - Forum: Smart Plug - No Replies

Smart home industry is very hot with the internet of things continued to promote, and the market is a vast world. A large number of powerful enterprises enter the smart home industry. However, the most popular smart home product is smart plug, these kind of product has been gradually accepted by the market. Smart plug, it is can also say to save electricity socket. The selling point of wifi smart plug is remote control and energy saving, to free your hands.
[Image: alexa-pluge4b8bbe59bbe8.png?w=739]
Energy Saving 
Energy saving and environmental protection industry are always important, which shows that government will increase investment in energy saving and environment industry, so low standby power consumption products attract the consumer's attention. According to international authoritative statistics, standby energy consumption account for 3% -13% of civilian electricity consumption. In order to limit the electronic product shutdown and standby power consumption, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection, The European Union has introduced the EuP Energy Consumption Directive for the electronic product on January 6, 2009, from that day on, the ecological design requirements of should meet the instructions in the relevant description.
Smart plug design 
Smart plug, always have built-in WIFi module, operate it via smart phone. The most basic is control smart plug current, timing function remotely. Smart plug now is not the main security features, which will cooperate with home appliances to achieve multi-functions, such as timing switch, remote control and so on.
According to the description, smart plug includes AC-DC power supply, wireless communication unit, relay and MCU control unit. Wireless communication unit can choose the appropriate means of communication according to the occasions, including RF technology, infrared technology, WIFI technology, Bluetooth technology and ZigBee technology. As ZigBee technology has a long distance, strong wall penetration, low power consumption characteristics, more suitable for smart home applications. AC-DC power supply needs to meet the power required when the smart switch work, but also to meet the standby work of low power issues.

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Photo How much can you save if using smart plug a year?
Posted by: admin - 08-04-2017, 08:05 AM - Forum: Smart Plug - No Replies

Now many people will consider purchasing a smart plug, one of the biggest reasons is enhancing the convenience of home life. In fact, most consumers ignore an important function of wifi smart plug, energy saving.

[Image: wifi-pluge68ea7e588b6e794b5e599a8e59bbe.jpg?w=680]

During in summer, those high-power home appliances take up big part of your electronic bill. However, smart plug can rule them, the most convenient way to all traditional home appliances intelligent. Through the mobile phone APP, view working state of household appliances in real time, and turns on/off remotely. Especially for air conditioner, electric water heater, TV and those easy to forget but power consumption are large home appliances. You can close it even away from home. 
Taking example of an air conditioner, normally the average power is 1000 watts. One air conditioner will waste a kilowatt per hour, and vertical chamber is usually twice that of it, it means running two kilowatt per hour. During winter, the power consumption of heating is more than 0.5-1 kilowatt per hour than summer. With the help of smart plug, you can avoid unnecessary waste and save much energy.

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Photo Smart plug works with alexa seem to be a standard mode
Posted by: admin - 08-04-2017, 07:42 AM - Forum: The best device works with Amazon Alexa - No Replies

[Image: e5beaee4bfa1e59bbee78987_20170706150849.png]

Smart plug, as the most popular smart home product, make normal home appliance turn into smart appliance, is not a fresh thing. Since it is an intelligent product, which means we can control it via phone APP to turn on/off power automatic according to the setting.

What’s more, if you have an Amazon Echo, you can rule your home via voice via Alexa.
It is recorded that Amazon Echo smart speaker sold more than 6 million in North American in 2016, which means six families have an Echo in every ten families in North American. You only need to speak “Alexa”, and then you can make an order over 100 applications which connected with Alexa, such as playing music, search online information, on-line shopping, run smart home products via Echo. So what smart home product works with Amazon Alexa? In general, it includes smart aroma machine, smart plug, smart switch, smart light, smart air purifier, smart doorbells and windows, and so on.

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Photo Some tips about purchasing smart plug
Posted by: admin - 08-03-2017, 08:38 AM - Forum: Smart Plug - No Replies

Cabinets, air conditioner and other electrical appliances upgrade intelligent, and the most commonly used sockets and plugs are also began to change.

[Image: 81.jpg]

About smart plug, most consumers know remote control function and can operate it via phone APP, and some even can support Alexa. However, the quality various greatly, we should first understand the function of smart home plug and know what a wifi smart plug can do for us, then we can get a good purchase experience. Through smart plug, it can help us solve many problems encountered in life.

If you have not touched smart home before, purchase a smart plug means step to smart plug and realize the family’s intelligent life. If you just think that smart plug only has remote control functions, you might be wrong. You should first understand the function, and then combine with your own needs to buy a smart home plug.

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Photo Using wifi smart plug to various your smart home life
Posted by: admin - 08-01-2017, 08:31 AM - Forum: The best device works with Amazon Alexa - No Replies

All kinds of smart home products continue to catch the user's eyes, intelligent voice socket is one of the representatives. Normal wifi smart plug functions are all much of muchness, taking example of Avatar mini wifi smart plug, it’s basically contains: mobile phone remote control, regular automation, intelligent control, voice control.
However, lots of smart home products around us, sometimes we do not know how to use. The correct meaning is how to use it more reasonable.

[Image: alexa-pluge4b8bbe59bbe5.png?w=739]

For example, the smart curtains have been opened, sunshine into the room, and the coffee machine has cooked a cup of fragrant coffee. If you just use smart plug to turn on/off power remotely, you will be boring after 2 or 3 times, because you have to open phone APP to control it, why not just close it directly? 
Smart plug + coffee machine, air conditioner, charging device
If you want a cup of coffee in the morning, set the time according to your habit, and put coffee bean in advance, plug into wifi smart socket then you can drink ready-made coffee after getting up.
The weather is really hot during summer. On the way to the home after getting off work, open air conditioner via phone APP, make cool walk ahead of you.
Are you always worried that damage battery if charging over time? Turn plug on/off on a schedule, then you can do what you want.
If you have Amazon Echo, with a voice controlled smart plug, you can turn on/off any appliances in your home with your voice, which get rid of your hand completely.

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Photo From Phone APP to Alexa voice control, smart product more and more “understands” cust
Posted by: admin - 07-31-2017, 08:00 AM - Forum: The best device works with Amazon Alexa - No Replies

“Mobile APP + Smart Home Product” become standard model of numbers of smart home and intelligent hardware, and in can help users solve life trouble in a certain extent. For example, wifi smart plug, the time function, people are not worried about the battery if whole night charging. They just the time, because wifi smart plug will do the left.  
Firstly, wifi smart plug makes consumers convenient a lot, and mobile phone APP control are more complex, and the smart home industry standards are different. Each smart product has their own exclusive APP if purchasing many intelligent devices. So the control is not so convenient, and you should find phone first if turning on the light, can you accept it? 

[Image: mini-smart-sockete68ea8e5b9bf.jpg?w=739]

In order to highlight the experience of users, many smart products can be based on voice control, and the mode is generally [wake-up + instruction]. Now many families purchased Amazon Alexa, you just wake up the device first, then command it, for example: Alexa, turn on the lights, then the light bulb can be opened.
From the experience, voice control can really enhance the consumer and smart product interaction experience, and based on Alexa enabled product is not alone. Alexa echo can help user to purchase smart home products and daily things via voice control, such as voice controlled bulb, plug and so on.
How to make consumers get a quality experience? "Understand" consumer demand is the trend, smart product should make a judgment and do an action before the consumers.

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